What Is My First Step If I Am Considering Abortion in Steelville-Davisville, MO?

What You Should Know:

The importance of an ultrasound

An ultrasound will verify the gestational age of the fetus. This is especially helpful if you have irregular periods, have frequent spotting, or are not sure when you had your last period.

Ultrasound also determines the viability of the pregnancy.  This is important since 20% – 25% of first trimester pregnancies end in miscarriage. Should the ultrasound reveal that the fetus is growing outside of the uterus (known as an ectopic pregnancy), you will be given instructions for immediate medical attention, as this condition can be life-threatening.

Considering Abortion in Steelville-Davisville, MO?

At PRC of Rolla, we want you to know that we are not only here to help you, but we are on your team. Our staff consist of several Certified Professional Life Coaches that have been in your shoes. One of them is standing by to assist you.

Feeling Pressure?

Coerced abortion is illegal. You are the only one legally allowed to decide which option is right for your unintended pregnancy.   No one (parent or partner) can force you into an abortion,  even if you are a minor.
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Steelville-Davisville Steelville is a city in Crawford CountyMissouri, United States Steelville is the hometown of Congressman Albert Reeves and Missouri State Representative Jason Chipman Steelville is located in west central Crawford County at the intersection of routes 8 and 19Cuba lies 7.5 miles to the north and Cherryville is 8.5 miles to the south. Davisville is an unincorporated community in southeastern Crawford CountyMissouri, United States.[1] It is located in the Mark Twain National Forest, approximately 13 miles southeast of Steelville.

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