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When you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and feel that you are not ready to parent, adoption is an option! You are much more capable of making an informed, healthy and safe choice when you have all the facts and have fully explored every option, and your own feelings.

What Does Adoption Look Like?

The first thing to know about adoption is that a lot has changed and it may not be what you think it is. Today the adoption process empowers the birthmother with countless choices. A woman considering this option is able to choose the family, where they live, how many kids are in the family, religious background, economic level; whatever is important to her. Family options are endless. There are an estimated 2 million families waiting each year to adopt. In most instances there is no cost to the birthmother.

Considering Adoption?

How much do you really know? Many women are choosing adoption and are proud about their decision. Some women do not feel ready to parent and see adoption as an option that benefits everyone involved.

Researching your options is a smart step to take. This is a choice that you need to think about carefully, but if you can’t parent, no matter what the reason, adoption may be the right choice for you. Birthline would be glad to help you research this as an option for you.

For assistance when our office is closed, please visit www.pregnancydecisionline.org or www.optionline.org


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[av_toggle title=’Is adoption a selfish act?’ tags=”]
No. Putting a childs welfare first is a true act of love. It is self-sacrificial
(Adoption Option Council of Minnesota).
[av_toggle title=’Is adoption a permanent option? ‘ tags=”]

Yes. Once all paperwork is signed the child becomes permanently and legally part of the adoptive family. However, it is important to understand that before all forms are signed you can change your mind. Go slowly and take things one step at a time (Adoption Option Council of Minnesota & Lifetime Adoption Center).

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Babies are hard work. You’ve got to feed, change, bathe, amuse, protect, and clean up after them. It’s a big responsibility. As a mom, you’ve got to be ready to put your life and outside interests on hold to focus on your child. Your baby needs time and attention. Some reasons people choose adoption are: (Lifetime Adoption Center)

  • Not ready to be a parent
  • No support from baby’s father
  • Safety and stability
  • College Plans
  • Cannot afford another child
  • Lifestyle
  • Rape

[av_toggle title=’What rights does the Father of the Baby have?’ tags=”]
Both you and the birthfather have rights. If you disagree about adoption or you no longer have a relationship with him, your agency will work with the birthfather and/or the courts to determine if his rights can be terminated (Bethany Christian Services).
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You as the birthparent will have the option to choose which type of adoption you would like. In an open adoption, you have all kinds of choices. You can be actively involved in the adoption for your child. You can choose the adoptive parents and even meet them in person. In fact, you’ll find that the closer you get to the placement, the more you may want a face to face meeting (Lifetime Adoption Center).